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Damn sure are!

I believe strongly that people on the land want to pass their property on in a better state than they got it. An eroded, infertile mess that has been mined for years just does not cut it. If greed is your plan – don’t talk to me mate!

I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Men and women a lot smarter than I have worked out systems that improve rural production. I simply tied it together. Some very smart researchers have helped to prove the system.

One of the factors is soil nutrition. Common sense – proper nutrition produces advanced health. Feed the soil properly and it feeds the plants which feed you and the animals which in turn feed you. This removes the need for many expensive inputs.

Plants in level 3+ health are immune to disease and will not be damaged by insects and other pests. Don’t believe me? Insects and grubs cannot digest complete proteins – it poisons them – proven fact. Plants enjoying level 3 health produce complete proteins – good for us, but not so good for insects.

Insects and grubs know to avoid healthy plants. Their job is to take out the weak ones – just like the lion and hyena of the Serengeti prefer to prey on damaged wildebeest etc. Their job is to keep the herds healthy.

The bulk of plants are at level 1 or level 2 health. We know how to bump our crops to level 4 where they can actively defend themselves.

This has been well proven by University and other researchers.

Hang around – you may learn something.

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